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  • Launching conference
    During this meeting, representatives of the 5 partner countries will meet to officially launch the project. The main purposes of the meeting are: understand the background of a project, establish what needs to be done, create a common understanding of roles, agree on how to work together effectively during the entire project, set expectations and … Continue ReadingLaunching conference
  • Training of Trainers
    The TOT on Sports is designed on transferring skills to coaches, trainers, NGO staff, and volunteers involved in physical activities/sport in their communities in order for them to be able to promote education in and through sport with a focus on skill development for people in 5 regions of Europe.
  • Sport exchange
    The main purpose of the exchange is to test a set of different sports in order to identify the best-suited sports to do after Covid19 in order to ensure a minimum safety distance between participants and ensure social distancing recommended by specialists.
  • Multiplicator event
    This event is intended to gather a series of practitioners in physical exercise and sporting activities together from multiple countries and exchange best practices in developing new methods to ensure skill development in sport.
  • Local activities
    All partners implements local sporting activities that can be practice safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, such as: football, volleyball, basket, cycling, climbing, etc. All these outdoor sports are proven to enhance physical activity and, very important during the Covid-19 pandemic, are safe to be practiced outdoors. Romania Latvia