Scope of project “Restart SPORT Engine in EU”: Develop individuals in Europe in order to be active citizens by promoting education in and through sport.

Objectives of the project are:

  1. Develop skills of 800 people using sporting activities in 5 communities from European Union within 12 months period;
  2. Increase the skills of 25 people (coaches, trainers, NGOs staff, and sports volunteers) to develop innovative ways of using sports in order to develop their local communities in the long run;
  3. Restart the sport movement in Europe after Covid19, and come back at least to level before the pandemic;
  4. Develop a movie about skills development using SPORT.

Through our project “Restart Sport Engine in EU” we want to prove that it is still safe to do sports if you change your mindset if you do certain sports if you do some small adaptations and innovation. We want to boost the sporting activities at least in the 5 communities participating in the project, to be an example for other communities and for other sporting organisations and sports clubs.

The most innovative factors during the project is that we’ll test and document methods of continuing to do sports for the masses (sport for all movement) after the pandemic (Covid19):

  1. Sports during the night – this is a very innovative method test at a small scale in Luxembourg, and after a pandemic (that suggests to keep social distance) is a very good idea due to multiple factors: fewer people during the night, the air is not polluted, you continue to do sporting activities. Most of the sports can be played during the night or adapted.
  2. Adapt sports in order to respect social distance – We will try to adapt and play sports that respect as much as possible social distancing – ex. outdoor sports.
  3. Test which sports are safest and with low impact – and include them in the brochure.
  4. Test the participation of spectators in sporting events and if it’s safe for them to attend all competitions.
  5. We will train sporting people (ex. coaches, athletes, NGO staff) to become multiplicators of sports in their local communities, to promote sports for all movement, and to advise people to do sports in order to maintain their health.
  6. We will test all the methods in a special sporting exchange where representatives of different backgrounds and ages will come to test different sports in order to check what is most recommended after a pandemic to slowly restart the sporting movement.
  7. We will develop a movie in the project to popularize the skills developed through sports.
  8. We will promote education in and through sport (especially for young people), but not only.

“Restart Sport Engine in EU” project is a novelty and will test and document how you can restart the sport movement in 5 EU countries after the biggest pandemic in the last 100 years – after successful testing we can share the finding with all the countries in the EU to test and apply the innovative methods.