Scout Society association has been established in 2011. The purpose of the organization is to encourage volunteering and to contribute to the development of the local community, especially in the process of youth education via non-formal education activities.

From the desire of helping young people to grow both personally and professionally, but also to involve them in society and local communities which they came from, the association began to develop its activity field, making projects with various themes( like sport, health, multiculturalism, tolerance towards others, discrimination, increasing employability, career orientation), but keeping the same purpose since its establishment – helping young people in their development and form as individuals involved in society, which preserve and share with others European values( unity, communication, tolerance, solidarity, respect, equality, communication, pluralism, peace, democracy, liberty).

In the last years, the association developed significant international cooperation, currently having partnerships with organizations from Croatia, Czech Republic, Spain, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Lithuania) and had carried out a significant number of projects and volunteering activities, youth exchanges, strategically partnerships which involved over 2000 young people from different communities in Romania. More information you can find here.