During this meeting, representatives of the 5 partner countries will meet to officially launch the project.

The main purposes of the meeting are: understand the background of a project, establish what needs to be done, create a common understanding of roles, agree on how to work together effectively during the entire project, set expectations and the tone for the rest of the project.

The Restart sport engine in the EU project funded by the Erasmus+ Sport continues.
Hosted by the LSIIDP organization from Latvia we had the launching conference, officially starting the project.

During the meeting, one chairperson of the hosting organization, Mrs. Diana Zalupe, and following the Director of the Department of Sport of the Ministry of Education and Science, Mr. Edgars Severs, presented how the town manages to practice sport respecting all the safety measures during the pandemic.

An example of good practice in the community was showed by Eva Nolendorfa, Human resources Manager at Brabantia Ltd., who shared how you can promote physical activity for your employees, even if the work environment is not sport-related.

Following the agenda of the meeting, we establish the next steps we will make to run the project successfully.
As a cultural visit, we discovered the Sigulda town by doing a city walk and presented the history of the town and the sports practices done in the city such as ziplining, hiking, trekking route, biking, river sports.

Hear more details about the project soon!